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If possible, please contact us with your problem by email first explaining the details, and include your name phone# and country

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Phone # (613) 746-5685 (Monday-Friday 10:00-5:00 PM EST)

Larken Automation
5350 Canotek Rd. Unit 13
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Note: When shipping controllers and parts back to Larken for repair or upgrade. Please send by US mail and put a low value on the shipment ($100-$180 max) or customs will Tax the parts as a sale to us. Be sure to put on the package "RETURNED for REPAIR, MADE in CANADA " (otherwise customs will assume you are selling the item to Larken and charge import tax )

If you use a courier there will be a $40-$60 Customs and Brokerage charges when they arrive in Canada. !! Please Use MAIL !!

Latest StarCAM program NEW V2.2 Date posted 12 Sept 2019
StarCNC spooler New 4.6 For USB Date posted 14 Oct 2020

StarCNC spooler 2.20 For printer port

Date posted 16 Sept 2013
StarCNC for USB installation manual Date posted 16 Sept 2011
StarCam Manual V1.3 Date posted June 10 2007

Starcam Tutorial for Schools

Date posted Nov 14 2011
Larken Controllers and Servo or Stepper Drives Information
Larken Hardware connection documentation  

Documentation files in PDF format for Viper Servo drives, Cobra Stepper drives, 3 Axis controller connections, StarCNC Controller. 

To save PDF manuals to your computer, Right click the mouse on the link and select Save_Link_As, from the popup menu.

Starcam controller board Connections

3 Axis Stepper Controller box

3rd Party Drivers for CAM and Signmaking
Drivers for Popular Signmaking and CAM programs These drivers create a Gcode file format that is compatible with Lcam's  and Starcams Gcode import command
Please consult our softwares manual for information on installing the new driver
Surfer 3D
Surfer 3D manual V 1.1 Date posted 14 May 2005
Surfer 3D demo with Voice Date posted 14 May 2004
Lcam for DOS
Lcam version 3.20

NOTE: Please backup your old Lcam and .CFG files. Do not over write your existing files. Read the manual for setting your configuration first.



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