CAD and Cam software for your Larken


Popular programs for design and toolpath creation

Larken CNC routers have been the choice of many schools and colleges and universitys for the last 30 years

The system can be used to teach technology in many areas such as  electronics, machine tool , construction, automation, CNC training, and woodworking shops.

Many schools are using Fusion 360, MasterCam, RhinoCam and others in the Design Fabrication shop



Vcarve vectrics



In the wood shop artistic programs like Vcarve , Aspire, Corel Draw are popular

Vectrics Vcarve and Aspire are great programs for the wood shop. Easy to use with wizzard based single step dialogs.


rhino 3d


Rhino 3d with Rhino Cam is a affordable stable CadCam program that is recommended for all levels from beginner to advanced users.


Larken has been supporting its machines making sure our controller are compatible with the latest programs post processors. If you have a problem with a Gcode program, email the file to us with a description of the problem.

Example Car projects
Designed in Rhino-3D
Toolpath in Surfer3d
Cut time  under 5 mins
Read to Race
Guitar Projects
Guitar Video