USB Controller
  • Easy to use

  • Runs standard Gcode

  • For 32 or 64 bit windows

  • 3 axis smooth contouring

  • 4 axis with rotory

  • Supports Dual Z heads

  • Mister and Coolant outputs

  • Supports Touch pad

  • Real 3d surface digitizing

  • Gray scale Laser ready

  • Easy to setup and configure





Larken's StarCNC is a unique cnc controller with features not found in most other controllers. Its designed to be easy to use for students and shop workers who just want to get routing without learning gcode or having to go through a complex setup to get it running .

usb board

StarCNC USB Controller board

The Starcnc controller is a dual processor board. It has an opto-isolated usb input processor and sends commands to the main processor which has 128K ram and can store 4000 blocks of motion code in a circular buffer to run unlimited Gcode file size.


Re-starting routing in the middle of a file has always been a problem with cnc, but Starcnc lets you scroll thru the file graphically and start cutting from anywhere.



3d viewer


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